Strategy Creation

Developing an SEO strategy

Digital marketing is always changing as technology, Google SERP’s, user behavior, social signals, and businesses continue to try and deliver a better result for their clients. It is therefore critical to establish who our audience is and then select a marketing channel or channels that best serve your message to that audience. SEO and digital ads are not always the best solution for every small business. We work with you to identify the search behavior that exists that is most suited to you.

Traditional bricks and mortar retail changes have moved to online shopping with e-commerce. Users have moved from traditional desktop computers to mobile devices. Marketing has shifted from traditional media of television and newspaper to social influencers via apps like Instagram and Facebook. Businesses now understand there are so many more marketing channels that customers can discover their business and it is important that a process considers all of these elements to ensure you stay ahead of your competition and identify which channels work best for you.

Do SEO Strategies Change?

The Track My SEO application brings together a number of strategies and people into one harmonious application. With so many people working collectively with differing skill sets, it is important to understand what the common goal is that we are looking to achieve. So we have developed a process to ensure no stone is left unturned and we know exactly how each person and each action has contributed. The final aim is a high ranking website that is delivering real leads.

So what is the core SEO strategy?

We primarily do two things as part of our SEO solution. We aim to organise all of the information on your website into a hierarchy of importance and ensure that it is relevant for our target audience. Secondly, we build trust by ensuring all off-page signals indicate that we are a reputable source of information for that particular search query. How you create this result can vary by industry, but what ALWAYS do for all customers is, supply an activity report that details the initial strategy and the actions delivered to get to the final result.


Website Purpose

The first step is to be clear on the purpose of your website. Is it simply an information source for potential and existing clients? Do you want to be seeing new customer inquiries for the website? Is the site a formal conversation piece or informal relaxed website? These factors will impact the core functionality of the site including the menu navigation, page structure, conversion tracking on the website and amount of content.

Content Strategy

The content written on your pages and the structure it is written greatly impacts the way users perceive your business as a source of information and a credible business to work. Therefore, it is highly advised that you take the time to structure your website as you would your physical business or showroom. A car dealership website would not promote safety features of the airbags on the homepage, nor would you see the steering wheel promoted there. The site would show premium models of vehicles, then lower models, parts and accessories and service would be on the lower internal pages. In this way you drive users to that part of your website you see the most return.

Keyword Strategy

Our first stage of working with our clients is to identify who the client sees are their typical customers and what products or services that they wish to promote. We then use our experience and search data to highlight how users behave and search for that product or service. It is often a surprise to businesses how online searchers land on their website and where they come from. By analyzing tools such as search console and Google analytics we can easily identify search queries and pages on your website that are working for you.

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