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Our experienced team of SEO experts pride ourselves on being trackable, accountable and transparent with every client. Our personal approach with every client means that you know you have a team that really cares. We believe so much in sharing our strategy with our clients that we developed our own custom tracking software, so our clients feel part of our team and we feel part of theirs too. Our goal is to deliver quality results and a transformative digital marketing strategy that you can see and feel.

Track My SEO was created to make SEO a tangible service that you can see, feel and trust. No Longer should SEO be seen to be a mysterious questionable activity. Any person in the world of SEO would agree that one of the frustrations of working as an SEO provider is not being able to clearly show value to the client until actual leads are delivered, which takes time as we all know. Vice versa clients want to know where their hard earned dollars are going each month and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Track My SEO was developed to be that light, not at the end of the tunnel but along the whole journey. Providing a clear strategy, process, and execution toward the end goal.

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Any task tackled by a collaborative effort is a task shared and achieved. Our tracking software enables the collective effort of our staff to be directed toward a common objective at anytime or place. Establishing a trusting relationship between our clients, their goals and our team.

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