Content Strategy

What is Content Strategy?

Content Strategy is an essential part of SEO, making up 57% of the most effective SEO tactics marketers rely on when ranking your website. A successful digital marketing campaign includes valuable, applicable and thorough content deeply connect with its audience.

A quality content strategy will involve relevant blog posts, various topic areas, infographics, videos and a considerable amount of information on the subject matter! The main goal of good content is to be a trusted source of information for your selected industry. The main purpose of creating quality content is to improve the search engine results page ranking for your specific keywords, grow your brand awareness and visibility and lastly create more traffic to your site from your targeted audience.

Quality content is mandatory in achieving maximum results. From blog posts to video content, the focus is on providing quality content that is in line with your business strategy and objectives.

A Successful Content Strategy

A comprehensive SEO content strategy will encompass the following stages:


Analyse Relevant Keywords & Topics

The first step requires in-depth research to understand the keyword search volume, competition/keyword difficulty and traffic expense.


Layering Content & Internal Links

This focuses on structuring your website so your audience and search engines can easily follow your site. By creating a hierarchy of pages users can easily find additional information on each product or service.


Link Ability & Recognising Opportunities

Establishing credible sites who link back to your website is important for your search engine ranking. Reaching out to others who post credible work is ideal for your sites linkability.


Existing Website Content Maintenance

A Content Strategy should always focus on ways to improve, deliver new and maintain attractive content to your audience. Don’t forget updating existing content is just as important as creating new content.

Top High-Performing Content

As content marketing is one of the most dominant and influential marketing strategies for any business, it is significantly important to put time and effort into creating quality content for your website. Deciding on the right type of content marketing to use to grow your business and boost your sales is imperative, and even though the types of content formats is endless, we have highlighted the top performing content marketing types below.



One of the greatest ways to increase organic traffic to your website and develop your SEO is through blog content. Websites with quality blog content are more likely to rank on the first page of search engines when online users search for your specific keyword. Blog content is a perfect choice to achieve value through short form content. It’s also a great way for your business to build personal relationships with your current and potential customers.

Video Content

Videos are the most engaging form of content. It draws the audience in and holds their attention. Videos offer an opportunity for businesses to educate customers on their service or product and are a great opportunity to display expertise in your industry to potential clisnts. Creating an informative video with facts and statistics are a great way to engage consumers in the awareness stage. On the other hand demonstration or DIY videos are ideal for consumers who are already in the stage of making a final decision.


Some consumers prefer to see infographics due to the useful information they can comprehend quickly. This form of content enables you to quickly summarise your message to your audience who are time poor. The more concise the information is and the more appealing the visuals are will result in a pleasant experience for visitors on your site.

Case Studies

Case Studies are one of the most important digital marketing strategies, as consumers believe real-life experiences’ are more valuable and trustworthy. A customer story can help explain how your service or product has added value to their lives. Case Studies are extremely valuable and generally will assist your business in building trust with new buyers.

Why is Content so Important?

From driving organic traffic to earning backlinks, well-written content establishes your website as a trusted source of information. Contents should always be written to added value to a user reading about it. This is achieved by being topical, accurate, helpful and easy to interpret. Websites are ranked in order of how useful they are and how relevant the content is for the user searching a specific keyword. Therefore, to be ranked on the first page, your website content will require any SEO value, in order to be favorable for users.

In simple terms, quality content will be rewarded with convincing search engine result page placing as well as receive higher click-through rates. When you have easy to read and structured content, you increase the potential SEO value of your website and improve user experience as well.

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