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Enhance Your Google Environment

Establishing a Google environment is simply using all the tools Google provides in order to build your website brand consistently across the web. This starts with your website, the website domain, your branded email account, Google account, Youtube channel, Google My business page and personal Google plus accounts.

The websites that we work with are naturally trying to be ranked in a search engine, which is predominately Google. Google likes it when you use Google products, so we want to use the available tools supplied by Google in order to appease all Google algorithms.

The additional Google tools that we use for our SEO efforts include Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console and Google Analytics. These tools allow us to accurately track how your website is being found online (search console), how users are discovering your website and what actions they are taking when on the website (Google Analytics). Let’s go into more detail below.

Google Tools We Use


Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager allows you to manage and utilise marketing tags such as snippets of code, pixels and tracking programs and implement them onto your website without needing to edit the existing code. Google Tag Manager keeps the speed of a website very low and lightweight since most code snippets are inserted through Google Tag Manager instead of having multiple tags and plugins which can slow down the speed of the site.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console allows us to measure a websites search traffic and it’s overall performance, fix any site errors, and assist us in making your website rank high on Google Search Results. It enables us to see raw search data and understand which keywords are relevant to us. This is a good communication board between the webmaster/Track My SEO and Google themselves. It tells us which pages are indexing, which pages are important or which pages potentially have broken links.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics, a free of charge service provided by Google. The data provided from Google Analytics involves setting up Google conversion tracking, allowing us to track forms, emails and phone calls received from a website. It also allows us to monitor user behaviour, what pages do visitors click on, how many pages they visit and for how long. We are able to track what pages are ranking and which pages perform the best, as well as what channel is the website traffic coming from, whether it’s direct, organic or from social media sites. Google Analytics provides us with in-depth detail on how a website is performing in the eyes of Google, which is who we predominately want to appeal to.


We all know Google is the most powerful search engine today, and rightfully so, but what about YouTube? Many people might think it’s weird to call YouTube a search engine, but that’s what it is. It’s a search engine for videos; the whole site is created around a search bar. There is a huge importance on the use of videos and providing videos on your own channel as well as embedding videos into your own website. As video voice search is becoming more and more popular, it’s becoming more important. It’s also a good idea to point out that videos are becoming more relevant and visible on the top of the Google search results page.

Google My Business

To achieve digital marketing success it’s important to utilise a location-based strategy. Creating a Google My Business page helps us and our clients manage their online presence throughout Google’s search engine and to grow a portfolio of functions, offering a vast influence for business owners to reach local exposure. This is definitely a tool all businesses should be optimizing when practicing SEO.

Google Account

A Google account is what we build everything under. Having your own branded Google account is ideal because you can then match your website domain and your personal details with your personal Google+ account. The whole idea is that we are building trust with Google, letting them know we are a legitimate business and there is a real person behind the brand. Establishing a Google personal and brand all behind a verified Google account with an authentic phone number, and various other strategies including verifying email accounts all add to the exercise of validating that we are who we say we are and providing a Google account to support this.

We use all of these tools to complete a full Google environment, which enables us to monitor, track and manager all of a clients search engine presence with the Google tools.

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