Benefits To Agencies

Track My SEO was created to make SEO a tangible service that you can see, feel and trust. No Longer should SEO be seen to be a mysterious questionable activity. Any person in the world of SEO would agree that one of the frustrations of working as an SEO provider is not being able to clearly show value to the client until actual leads are delivered, which takes time as we all know. Vice versa clients want to know where their hard earned dollars are going each month and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Track My SEO was developed to be that light, not at the end of the tunnel but along the whole journey. Providing a clear strategy, process and execution toward the end goal.

Benefits to Agency

  1. Communication point between all departments
  2. Sales believe in their product and push a product they can believe in
  3. Account management made easy – all actions recorded daily
  4. Client retention greatly increased
  5. Management of staff made easy as all work tracked and recorded
  6. Rewarding for staff to have a simple process to follow – no more guess work
  7. Justify pricing with detailed work
  8. A process that displays the time taken in order to get the result
  9. Track and measure what strategies are working for each client
  10. See time taken for all tasks to be complete
  11. Display real people contributing to the result

Agencies that deliver a complete SEO solution will love the ability to display value to their clients. Those agencies that are not delivering a holistic SEO strategy will be educated on additional ways to deliver value to their clients.

Track My SEO provides a communication and strategy report that does not just deliver work complete but highlights that real people collectively contribute to every component.

Content writers deliver fresh, relevant and viral information on your business to sell the benefits of your brand. SEO consultants run audits and improve on page website performance. Web developers manage the site health and work on the user experience of the website. Finally, account managers communicate with the client to deliver a concise summary of all actions complete that have delivered a result with ranking reports and Google analytics data to highlight traffic and conversions delivered.