Our Concept


Our level of transparency is a priority to us. We ensure that you have clear understanding of what we are completing on your behalf. We pride ourselves in being visible and forthcoming with our work.


We take screenshots at every step to show you the work being done. Our activity reports, explain and rationalise every activity completed each month so that you can stay involved.


We deliver quality results that are entirely trackable, with detailed activity and performance reports. Like tracks in the sand, you can see where we started and where we are heading with every step.

Our Activities

Offering an extensive range of services that work collaboratively to improve your websites SEO.

Content Strategy

Quality content is mandatory in achieving maximum results. From blog posts to video content, we focus on providing quality content that is in line with your business strategy and objectives.

Baseline Performance

We monitor and track your baseline performance to establish your sites initial performance when starting work with us. That way you can measure the success of our work from day one.

Website Maintenance

We offer unmatched website support including maintenance services. From updating plugins and themes, to improving the overall functionality of your site. Including speed, security and the functionality of your site.

Link Building Activity

Link building is a fundamental part of search engine optimisation and is vital for increasing your search engine rankings. Our services focus on efficient and innovative link building tactics.

Competitor Analysis

Information regarding what your competitors are doing is vital to understand. We have spy software to analyse competitor activity that works, including on page and backlink analysis.

Strategy Creation

We implement strategies tailored to your business model. We gain an understanding of your business and apply the correct search strategy appropriate. SEO is not a one shoe fits all approach.

Google Environment

If you can't beat them, join them. Google provide you with all the tools necessary to succeed, so we integrate your site with these tools to ensure your site ticks all the boxes.

Social Media Presence

Social media networks are the ultimate way to boost traffic to your website and brand your company online. From Facebook pages to Instagram ads, we can create each account for your business to optimise your social media presence.

Our App Guide

We bring together a number of elements and people into one harmonious process. With so many people working collectively with differing skill sets it is important to understand what the common goal is that we are looking to achieve. This app ensures no stone is left unturned and we know exactly how each person and each action has contributed to the end goal of a high ranking website that is delivering real leads. Below are the various elements we offer from the app.



The activity reports track all work completed by each individual, the time the job was actioned and a screenshot of the task complete. Never before could you feel as though you literally can look over your SEO teams shoulder and see the work being done for you. Track My SEO provides a communication and strategy report that does not just deliver work complete but highlights that real people collectively contribute to every component.

One Common Goal

One Common Goal

Our app allows us to stay up to date on what everyone is doing at any time.Each working towards one common goal, where we provide the following benefits:

1 Track 1 Goal – All parties work toward a common goal
Track Activity – Clients get visibility on real work completed monthly
Test & Track – By implementing a process we can test and track performance

100% Service

100% Service

Our clients are the most important to us, that’s why we ensure we deliver nothing but exceptional quality with each activity. Providing a clear strategy, process, and execution toward the end goal. Content writers deliver fresh information on your business to sell the benefits of your brand. SEO consultants run audits and improve on page website performance and web developers manage the site health and work on the user experience of the website.

Activities You Can See

Activities You Can See

The aim of Track My SEO is to give as much visibility to all stakeholders to ensure the original strategy is delivered. This means that it is imperative that we highlight the initial strategy documents to all parties that include site structure docs, keyword strategy, competitor analysis and all on and off page actions to achieve the common goal of delivering real leads to the business. The main objective of Track My SEO is to provide a communication tool between the SEO team, account manager and client.

Reports You Can Feel

Reports You Can Feel

Our reports are completely customizable depending on the process and strategy being implemented. We understand the importance of keyword ranking reports so we took it a step further and provide you Google search and BING ranking data so you get a true feel of how your keywords a tracking. As the market becomes more segmented and users choose other search methods such as GMB traffic and Youtube we will display this search traffic for you as well.

Benefits To Agencies

Benefits To Agencies

Agencies that deliver a complete SEO solution will love the ability to display value to their clients. Those agencies that are not delivering a holistic SEO strategy will be educated on additional ways to deliver value to their clients. Track My SEO provides a communication and strategy report that does not just deliver work complete but highlights that real people collectively contribute to every component.

SEO Service Packages

Track My SEO offers three different SEO packages, so clients can choose the option which best matches their needs and budget. Our clients are more than welcome to upgrade to an advanced package at any time, once you experience our incomparable service – and reap the benefits. Our website packages depend on the scope of works so if you have something in mind we are happy to discuss in more detail and provide a proposal for you.